2017 Reading Challenges

I'll be the first one to admit that I tend to stick with the same genre and authors. I like challenges because it helps to break me out of the normal, be it within my preferred genre, or into a genre I don't usually dabble in. For the moment, I'll just be linking to challenges I want to join, and will update as I join at a later date.


Book N' Tunes Challenge - Dancing Diva (0/25)
I am so, so, super-excited about this one. Books? Yes. Music? Yes. Two of my most favorite things combined into one challenge? Awesome. I already know what my first book will be, and what song I'll use for it. The only downside is the fact that the books have to have a heavy Romance element, but considering one series alone (though not a "traditional" Romance is most heavily based around a theme of love) has nine books. And another that, while again isn't a "traditional" Romance but has a power-couple as it's protagonists has seventeen, the only issue I'll have there is not getting burnt out!

2017 Review Writing Challenge - 1/50 Reviews

  1. The Fifth Season - N.K. Jemisin
  2. The Obelisk Gate - N.K. Jemisin

Audiobooks Reading Challenge - 1/25 Books
  1. The Fifth Season - N.K. Jemisin
2017 Read Harder Challenge
I am hoping this challenge will really help to open me up as a reader - and possibly as a writer. I always tend to gravitate towards fantasy/romance/paranormal type stories, and find it very, very difficult to give new writers a shot. If I want to succeed in this challenge, that's what I'll have to do. New writers, new genres, new themes.

2017 New Release Challenge - New Release Newbie (0/30)
Another one to hopefully help me break into new authors. Or perhaps into other books by authors I've read, but have stuck within a series or something of the sort. Sign up for this challenge ends in a few days, so I have to make my decision to commit now. I don't know what's due to release this year, so I guess I'll find out!

2017 Beat the Backlist
If you take a peek at my "To Read" shelf over at Goodreads, you'll notice I have over 100 books on that list alone. That's not including the hundreds (if not thousand?) of eBooks I've collected over the years since eBooks first became a thing. Many of the books on my To Read shelf, I don't even own, so it'll be subjected to my ability to purchase or find at the local library. And sorting through the eBooks on my computer to find ones to read in the meantime. This one keeps me more in my comfort zone, but makes sure that my favorites won't get left behind while I strike out in new, uncharted literary waters.

You Read How Many Books - Level 1 (0/100)
With all of these challenges, my "read" pile is going to grow. This one is purely for my own pleasure, just to see how many books I get through in a year.

Reading Challenge Addicts - Out of this World (0/16 Challenges)
Obviously, based on the lists here, I've got a bit of a problem. This will just tell me how successful I am at actually utilizing it ;)

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