About Me

Now here's where things get loaded!

As should be apparent, I am a book lover. A book fiend. I will buy my daughter books, even when financially I shouldn't. I'll buy her books before I'll buy myself a book. She'll be a bigger book fiend than I am.

I am of a generation that still diagrammed sentences every day in grade school. I know what a preposition is without having to use Google. I learned how to type on a manual typewriter and have yet to meet anybody who can type faster than me (last test was last week at 100+ wpm with 1 error).

On the flip side, I was active in such a way when I was younger that at 30-something I'm developing arthritis in my back. Ah, the things we do when young and bored.

I'm engaged to a man 17 years my senior who spent 10 years as an Army Ranger. How's that for a trip?

I will listen to everything from early Garth Brooks to Straight No Chaser to Tiesto. Just don't ask me to listen to anything from the Taylor Swift era. Ugh.

I share responsibility for a 2 year old Doberman/German Shepherd/Bloodhound. Yes, he's as big of a goofball as it sounds. You try shoving a Bloodhound into a Doberman body and see how well it works out.

Mid-January they played "Dragula" by Rob Zombie at work. My normal supervisor said we should start a mosh pit. I reminisced about my days clubbing at the local goth club every Sunday night.

I am hooked on Vuka. Currently the only place I can find it locally is at Whole Foods, and I can only stand one flavor - Berry Lemonade. Stuff is damn good, and no matter how exhausted I am, it will keep me up for 12 hours straight. At least.

I believe in God, but I've also studied Hinduism and Buddhism, among others. I studied with a Jehova's Witness for a while, just to see what their take on the whole thing was. I considered myself Pagan for the longest time and a Witch. Discovered I preferred being a Pagan to Christian (even though I believe in God) because, well, when was the last time someone was killed in the name of Paganism? To be fair, the last time that happened, pretty much everybody had some form of human sacrifice happening. My spiritual path is never-ending. I'd be failing myself if I ever said I had it all figured out.

On a more personal note, I am fiercely loyal, and will defend the people I love with a vengeance. Even if I haven't seen them in years. The neat thing is, they've done the same for me. Dependability is a rare treat, and I've been inordinately blessed to have such amazing people in my life.

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