Sunday, November 10, 2013

No Place for a Dame - Connie Bockway [Royal Agents]

No Place for a Dame - Connie Bockway [Royal Agents]
Source: Kindle First
Originally Reviewed: November 10, 2013
Rating: ★★☆☆☆

I got this book as a Kindle First pick. I love historical romances, and the synopsis provided made me hopeful that this book would have something that other historical romances didn't.

It DID have a unique element (which is the ONLY reason it's getting 2 stars instead of 1) - but that's about all I can say it has going for it. It read just like any other historical romance with a "spy" sub plot to it that I've ever read, with the same characters.

A sharp, intelligent man masquerading as a "dandy" falling in love with someone he thinks he's not worthy of or isn't worthy of him or whatever self-pitying excuse they come up with. Which is his only fault.

A witty, intelligent female in love with a man she believes is either out of her league socially, or is too much of a rake. Which is HER only fault.

Truly, the most enjoyable parts of the book are when the heroine gets thrown into some situations that I believe any sheltered, non-society female at the time would find to be VERY awkward. And had absolutely nothing to do with the "romance" OR the sub plot of the book.

I would have been quite content to read it without the romance, as it added absolutely nothing to the story, and it would have likely gotten a better rating.

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