Sunday, November 17, 2013

Witchy Witchy - Penelope King [Spellbound]

Witchy Witchy - Penelope King [Spellbound]
Source: Kindle
Originally Reviewed: November 17, 2013
Rating: ★★★☆☆

I've heard a lot of fuss about these books, and I have to wonder why. Then again, I also have to wonder if I read too much or watch too many fantasy-type series on TV, because most of what I read these days reminds me of some other book or show or author. This one... just more of the same.

I had a number of moments where I flashed back to The Craft and The Secret Circle. Only difference is here (so far at least) there's only 3 witches, but they're still all teenage girls.

One thing I do like about Witchy, Witchy (though at the same time makes it too YA for my tastes) is these girls deal with normal, every day, teenage girl problems. Not all of their problems are magical, and they don't try to use their magic to solve those problems, either. What a relief!

I thing Penelope King has taken a much more realistic approach to the world of witchcraft in fiction than I've seen to date. Real people mean real problems, whereas magic has its own set of problems, and, occasionally, the two will overlap and, well, that's when crap hits the fan.

I may continue to read on just because there are obviously a number of years ahead of these girls and I hope to see the books grow with them.

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