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Everyday Witchcraft: Making Time for Spirit in a Too-Busy World - Deborah Blake

Everyday Witchcraft: Making Time for Spirit in a Too-Busy World - Deborah Blake
Source: NetGalley
Originally Reviewed: January 9, 2015
Rating: ★★★★☆

This book was provided to me by the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

I was excited to read this book, and was so happy that it did not disappoint. And the writing style was beautiful – I could almost hear the author reading aloud. She definitely has her own voice, and she uses it well.

She writes in a very no-nonsense manner. Everything is straightforward and easily understandable. She throws in these dashes of humor that break things up so smoothly and at just the right places. And I can’t emphasize enough how much I love the simplicity of the entire book.

There are so many people I could see picking up and utilizing this book. The experienced Witch trying to revitalize their practice (such as myself). Someone who might be interested in Witchcraft but the idea of ritual and spells makes them uncomfortable. And she says it in the book, but it’s definitely worth nothing here: If you end up reading this book, something is calling you to a deeper, more involved spiritual practice.

Being that I’ve been a practicing witch for… eesh, at least fifteen+ years (I’ve lost track), there were some sections I skipped over: moon phases, Wheel of the Year, the elements. The majority of the information there is “old news” for long-time practitioners, but it never hurts to re-acquaint ones self with the basics. Plus, she includes great little rituals to help solidify your connection with the different elements and such. I also ended up skipping others because there wasn’t really any relevance to an actual daily practice.

Still, I’ll probably go back and read it again and make notes on the information. Even when I had other things to do, I had a hard time putting it down. She gave a lot of ideas I want to try, and says a lot of things I think everybody needs to remember. I need to point out one major thing – this is the first time I’ve read a book that has given reasonable, doable suggestions for working with and involving familiars.

There were some things that were distracting and kept me from giving this book a full five stars. There is one area where there is quite a bit of personal opinion, as well as quite the tirade on social/ecological issues. While I can see the relation between the Activist Pagan and these subjects, I question the validity of including this in a book for the “everyday Witch” who already has trouble meeting their spiritual goals. The entire subject seems best suited for a different kind of book all together.

There are also issues that, well, the author freely admits she doesn’t know much about. Those types of issues I believe should have been left out entirely, as they bear no relevance without a strong background. Others still are issues that are merely trendy. They serve as nothing more than a source of contention in the greater Pagan community and would be best to be avoided.

Oh, one final thing that made me really happy: She didn’t forget the car!

I used to hang a Kundalini charm from my rear-view window and listen to Laura Powers and other “witchy” music on my way to and from work every day. I am so pleased to see this included!

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